Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jack and his Great Grandfather

Jack was over early this morning and caught Elaine and I in the bathroom. He knew we looked different but didn't understand why.  Julie and Sadie were also here when I got back home from having a short coffee break. In addition to playing ball, domino's and "Pony Boy", he sat on my lap and wanted to take selfies with the laptop.  We took three and when I looked at them tonight, it struck me that his and my facial expression's were very similar. In fact, I thought it interesting that  while our expressions are different in each of the pictures, his and mine are similar in each. I wondered if we had some sort of special bonding to make that happen. I already knew that we had a pretty special relationship. Sadie had been to Story Time at the Library and brought home several books which she enjoyed having read to her. Jack had his own little book with pictures of objects such as Trucks, Tractors, Cows, etc and he knew the name of most of them. Trucks of any kind are still his favorites.

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