Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aunt Dorothy & "Our Little Home"

This picture was taken a few months earlier at our "little home" than the one I posted yesterday with Vivian and I cutting apples and Donnie in a crib next to us. Aunt Dorothy is with Mother, us boys and Trixie. This was on the east side of the house near some of the Apple trees in the orchard. Aunt Dorothy (Mother's sister) was a part of our lives for many years. As a young girl she was stricken with "Infantile Paralysis" (Polio) which limited the growth of one of her legs. She wore a built up shoe but walked with a decided limp all her life. When Uncle Clarence's wife, died suddenly leaving 3 little kids under 5 years old, Aunt Dorothy volunteered to help fill the void in helping raise the family. When the kids were raised and on their own, Aunt Dorothy invited her Uncle Fred to come live with her in his declining years. They were very compatible and did a lot of child care. Occasionally, we even had them take care of our 4 kids when we lived near them in Lincoln. She was recognized by Radio Station KFAB as the "Good Neighbor of the Midwest" in 1956. 
After Uncle Fred passed on she moved back to Seward into The Manor and spent the last of her 90 years in the Sundermann West Care Facility. Her sister Ethel spent time with her during these years as did Elaine and I. She had many of her Mother's desirable Irish traits. 
This is a winter view of our "little home" as Mother would say, and shows the Outhouse, Goat shed at the end of the Garage, wash house and the house. When the Folks sold the place to Hughes Bros. in 1944, we put skids under the tin garage, and I drug it with our John Deer A out to our farm north of Garland.

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