Monday, August 22, 2016

Barry Fisher-Bluestem Fiber

Barry Fisher, Business Development Officer with Bluestem Fiber and a new Seward Kiwanis member, presented the program at today's meeting. They are in the process of stringing fiber optic lines in the business district and will soon make the high speed service available to home owners. Bluestem Fiber is powered by Corning FlexNap technology and provides faster Internet service than what has been available. They will also provide a telephone service but do not have a television component at this time. They have established a Business location in the Bradford Building downtown. The monthly rates he referred to, appear very competitive. While the transaction speed may be significant in the business community, it will be interesting to see how many of us are going to give up a service with which we are satisfied, for one that is faster and supposedly less expensive. We will probably not make any changes until after the service has established a "track record" for home users and the cost can be verified. We have lived by the old adage: "Be Not the First to take the New in Stride, Nor be the Last to Lay the Old Aside."

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