Thursday, August 25, 2016

...for the Last Time

Elaine and I started doing "Meals on Wheels" some 20 years ago and for the last several have done "Home Delivered Meals" for Kiwanis. We decided some time ago to "retire" from the task. I even recruited a new member who may be able to "fill in". Our quitting never hit me until Gene, while announcing who was doing what for the Social Services Committee at the Kiwanis meeting this week, mentioned that we would be doing the delivery this Thursday for the last time. While many of the Kiwanians do it by themselves, Elaine and I have always enjoyed doing them together. It has worked out real well since our delivery day coincides with the Senior Center Potato Bake. Our last two deliveries are at the Manor which is adjacent to the Center. The meals for both deliveries are prepared at the hospital, and there are probably over 40 delivered by volunteers. The recipients look forward to seeing the person doing the delivery just about as much as the food. The City of Seward is blessed with a Cadre of volunteers that cover a wide range of activities. The Senior Center is another of the places where a large number of people continue to work to provide service to others. Many of us think America is already great at the local level.

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