Monday, August 8, 2016

David and Nancy's Summer Tour

David Held  presented the program at Kiwanis this noon by showing pictures and telling of a trip he and Nancy took this summer to California and on up to the Canadian Rockies. He told of flying to San Diago where they boarded the Amsterdam, a Holland American Line Cruise ship. They visited the Zoo there and the highlights of other California cities as they worked their way up the coast. Dave is an excellent photographer and had wonderful pictures to document their travels. Their Cruise ship took them to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.
 In Vancouver they visited the Butchart Gardens among other sites. Their tour took them by train to Jasper, Lake Louise and to Banff. They rode on a very large "snow bus" that took them into the Glacier areas. In one of the later stops near Banff they rode a "sky lift" up to a mountain top resort. They left Banff in a bus that took them to Calgary for a flight home. Dave's photography was not only excellent buy he was able to interject video at certain points along with audio so we could hear the sound of the waterfalls, etc. It was a great show and obviously, a wonderful trip.

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