Sunday, August 7, 2016

Enjoyed Looking Back

This picture was taken on May 31, 1999 at the Lincoln Airport as Ben, Julie and Carolyn were leaving for England. Julie had completed her 1st year at UN-L. It was an ideal time for them to travel. One of the pleasures in old age is in looking at pictures and rekindling memories of past times. My Journals add to this pleasure by providing another dimension. We had taken them to the airport and took care of Jack (Poodle) while they were gone. We took him along when we went up to North Dakota for Mel and Marilyn's 50 Wedding Anniversary. He slept in the car after hearing every noise in the room but we got along O.K.
This picture of me at the Golf course was taken on May 2, 1999. It shows a small Blue Spruce tree that I had planted the day before as a memorial to a dear friend. We had planted several seedlings in a nursery row when we had the farm and this is one that I brought into our back yard and nurtured it for a couple years. It is some 20' high today and located on the right side of the #4 fairway near the Yellow Tee Box.  We had also sold our restored '67 VW Beetle on the same afternoon that this picture was taken. I continued to give the tree some special treatment for several years  and even planted a Pine tree near this site.

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