Sunday, August 28, 2016

Family Reunion 2005 etc.

This picture was taken back in 2005 at a Vrana cousins reunion held at The Villager in Lincoln. It was planned by Muffy and Ted and was a great event. We took down albums of pictures and memorabilia as did others. Ted, Kenny, Don, Bob and I played 18 holes of golf during the afternoon at Pioneers. A catered set-down dinner was served in a private room where we told Vrana stories and took pictures. We continued the reunion by going to Crete the next day for a Czech Buffet dinner. Several of us played golf again at Highlands in Lincoln. One of the features of the reunion was the unveiling of the "Vrana" quilt. Most families provided a block representing some memory of a family heirloom with Muffy and her daughter putting it all together. 
Don auctioned it off to the group, and we all were  happy to see Muffy have the high bid. Several of the blocks were picture collages but there was good variety. My writing this was prompted by writing our contribution to Pat this afternoon for our quarterly cousins newsletter. I am also in the process of writing a narrative of our activities during 2005. It was one of the few years when I didn't get it done on a timely basis. I am actually going back through my 2005 Journal and reading every page. While it is more difficult to write after 11 years, it is also interesting to recall events that were completely forgotten. Others like the Kiwanis Flag Project saw its beginning back then. I played golf on nearly a daily basis and was on the City Council and deeply involved with other Church, Civic, Fraternal, Retirees and other organizations.

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