Monday, August 15, 2016

Early Childhood

During our visit to the Seward County Fair that ended last night, I had occasion to mention to a friend that I was born near that location many years ago. Some of the ancient building are seen in the background of this picture. The Grandstand was to the left of the buildings in the picture. The race track extended from that area right up to the other side of the RR tracks and just beyond the white post shown. Donnie was a cute little fellow in the crib; Vivian and I were cutting up apples which Mother used to make Apple Butter. I don't remember the kettle I was working with, nor the dishpan, but the blue bowl that Vivian has was a part of Mother's kitchen equipment for many, many years. We were close enough to the Grandstand that Vivian & I would take our coaster wagon over and ride down the steps. The City park was nearby so we would also ride on the swings and slide.
This picture was taken over a year later when Aunt Ethel, Uncle Ralph and Aunt Dorothy stopped by. Here again some evidence of the Fairground and racetrack is visible in the background. We are standing on a platform above the door to our cave. While we had electric lights, we kept many things in the cave using the small ice box very sparingly. Everyone looks "dressed up" but me.  I might have had to stay home and take care of our goats while the rest of them went some place. I wasn't able to digest breast nor cow milk when I was a baby; so Dad bought a Nanny goat for $60.00. The goat's milk agreed with me and got me off to a good start. We later moved out to the Vrana farm where my Dad grew up. It was a difficult transition for a "town kid", going from a new school building to an old country school with kids in all eight grades. 

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