Monday, August 29, 2016

Cliff Lowell and Hope Springs Eternal

Clifford Lowell presented the program at Kiwanis this noon. He told of his 8-weeks of Basic Training in Texas after having volunteered for the U. S. Air Force in the early 50's. Cliff plays the Piano for the singing at our noon meetings. He has taught school, written a book on life experiences, and makes presentations on various topics over the years. He went into detail with some actual quotes of his introduction to the military. Time didn't permit him to cover the full 4 years of his service commitment but promised to give us "the rest of the story" at a later date. 
I put a dollar in the "Good News" basket and told that Elaine and I had delivering Home Delivered Meals this past Friday for "the last time".  We have been delivering meals here in Seward for a number of years. I mentioned that we usually remember the first time we do things but seldom have the benefit of knowing when we do something "for the last time". There are probably more things in that category that we are ready to accept since "Hope Springs Eternal".

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