Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jaudon Auction

I got down to the Schweitzer Auction in the 4-H Building for Charley and Ruth Jaudon and others at the Seward Fair Grounds this morning. There was a good-sized crowd, and it appeared that there was a considerable amount of material brought in by the auctioneers in addition to that of the Jaudons. Charley and I were golfing buddies for a number of years and still maintain a close relationship. His health encouraged their moving into an assisted living facility early this year here in Seward. It is an excellent place which helps with the transition of selling their home and having an auction, but it is still a tramautic event. I came home for lunch thinking the Auction would take much of the afternoon but when I went back down soon after 1:00pm, there was very little left to be sold.
I did have a good visit with Charley and Ruth and was pleased that they were accepting the movement of many prized possessions to new owners. They were of course, able to take their closest personal items with them to their new "home". Having had several months to consider this day probably helped to make it more acceptable. I only bought one little item of pictures and postcards. This auction has helped me realize that parting with personal possessions is just another of the steps most of us have to take, along the way, if we are lucky. My sister Vivian died very suddenly and never had the
experience of seeing things sold that once were so valuable to her. 

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