Friday, August 5, 2016

Old Directory from St. John

St. John Lutheran Church in Seward published a Directory in the fall of 1969 that we came across the other day and thoroughly enjoyed. It had been stored among some things that came to us from a departed Aunt. It was published in 1969, which was the mid-point year between when we moved from Seward in 1958 and returned in 1980. The Directory has over 80 pages of "family" pictures plus a membership list which includes the names of children. (The only names missing are those of the wives) We missed a whole generation during the 22 years we were gone and this Directory has been an a big help in filling in some of the gaps. Many of the children pictured in the Directory are now Grandparents. Elaine and I were both born and raised in Seward County. We also knew many people from my having worked for the USDA Soil Conservation Service and Elaine having worked in the Courthouse for the Extension Service.
This one page example includes pictures of two of my Kiwanis friends, neighbors , coffee buddies and a High School friend. We talk about "our circle of friends" and in reality, most of us have several "circles" with different organizations. The circles are expanded by knowledge of family connections. Our Seward Memorial Library is in the process of scanning old Seward County newspapers and making them available on their web site. It would seem that a Directory like this would also be a good candidate for being out on the cloud and accessable to all.

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