Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jack counting money and My Computer Problem

I have had some computer problems so my post didn’t “take” yesterday. We went down to Olive Garden for Lunch today and on out to the Computer Hardware store where I got some help. One of the problems is that the curser arrow on my laptop seems to have a mind of its own. It is not very responsive to my "finger” movement across the pad below the keyboard. The technician suggested working lower on the pad or using a mouse. I’m afraid that  “getting old” may be a couple of the problems: the Apple Laptop and Me. He told me that my computer “system” is out of date but didn’t comment on me. Jack was at our house for a short time yesterday morning and I just happened to pull up his picture as the Tech. was helping me. I really appreciate those young guys that are so understanding of my problems (& ability), fix most of my problems, show me some new tricks, and then don’t charge me anything.

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