Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Seward Memorial Library Site

This is what the lot looked like south of the Post Office when Bob Dahms and I talked to John and "Red" Keller about making it available for the Seward Memorial Library. Bob and I were on the Library Foundation Board along with others, and their willingness to make it available was great news. The Foundation had looked at several other possible sites and none were nearly as desirable as this "downtown" location. Getting this southeast quarter of the block "paved the way" for obtaining the SW quarter of the block where the Library was then constructed.  This is what the west half of the Library half-block looked like on Saturday, October 21, 2000 when the Seward Fire Department burned down the two old houses that sat on the property. The two old buildings on the right side of the picture, on this side of the City Hall, were also demolished for the Library. The building at the left edge of the picture was across 6th street, west of the library and was demolished fairly recently to provide for the expanded and renovated Jones National Bank and Trust. These were major improvements to downtown Seward.

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