Friday, August 26, 2016

An '05 Birthday Celebration in D.C.

At he end of each year we typically go through my Daily Journal and list what we call Highlights. We usually also write a narrative of the year's activities. Selected pictures are put on collages. The Highlights, Narrative and Collages are printed out from computer files and put in a 3-ring notebook. They are also stored on computer files for each year along with all of our digital pictures, Christmas letters, etc. We found recently that the narrative for 2005 had never been written so we decided to do it. Many of the  narratives have been written years later which is an opportunity to relive many interesting events and refresh our memory of things forgotten.
We celebrated my birthday in '05 by going back to Washington, D.C. and getting most of the family together. We drove our '02 Buick La Sabre, took Carolyn and Julie with us and went to Tim and Laura's in Columbus, IN. We then took their Tony and Maggie and went on to the D.C. area where Jon and Mary's family is located. Verlon drove up from Richmond to join us in visiting the Folk Festival on the Mall, Old Town Alexandria, Historic building on the Mall, and saw the Nationals beat Toronto 5-2 in the old RFK baseball stadium. We all had a great time.

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