Friday, August 12, 2016

Nebraska Elected Officials

Governor Pete Ricketts, Lt. Governor Mike Foley and our State Senator, Mark Kolterman held a Town Hall meeting in Seward this morning. I had another commitment so was unable to take-in the whole session but was very favorably impressed with what I heard. The Governor used budget charts to show State funding to agencies, commissions, and others receiving state funds. He is very articulate and demonstrated a working knowledge of each entity in his discussion. He focused on the number of quasi administrative commissions receiving state funds, outside the Governor's control. 
  The Nebraska Natural Resources Commission was such an Agency during my 8  years there during the '80's but has since been brought in as a "Code" agency and later combined with the Department of Water Resources to become the Department of Natural Resources. There are legitimate arguments on both sides of the "independent commission" issue, but I can certainly understand the Governor's point-of-view.  The professionalism shown by all speakers was what we Nebraskan's expect of elected officials, I wish we could see something similar in our Presidential Candidates.

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