Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our First Son's Birthday

At Breakfast this morning, I congratulated Elaine on it being "Mother Day". It was on this date some years ago that she became a Mother for the first time which also made me a Father. We couldn't have been happier and without a second thought, named him after me. This picture was taken when he was about a year old in the front yard of our first little house. The "pith helmet" that I was wearing was for protection from the sun while working with the Soil Conservation Service doing field lay-out of terraces, dams, etc. on farms in Seward County. Elaine was a full-time Mom but also still did some work for the Extension Office. 
 We talked to Verlon this morning at his home in Richmond, VA. He had plans for celebrating his birthday, and we talked about his coming back to visit us again in early October. He was out earlier this spring, treated our deck, did some painting, and a lot of home maintenance. In addition to his work we went to a Auction where he tried on a cowboy hat, and also went to Bee for fish. On our way home we stopped by what is left of the farmstead where Elaine grew up and where Verlon has a lot of happy memories as a little kid. We celebrated today by taking Carolyn out to Nate's on the Nine for a great lunch.

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