Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday evening at the Senior Center

Elaine and I joined more than 60 others for the "Friday Night Polka and Dinner" at the Seward Senior Center. The Dinner menu included Hamburgers, Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Texas Sheet Cake. The Baked Beans were especially good and I went back for seconds. Entertainment was provided by Lonnie Piitz, a Butler County farmer who has his own Dance Band, plays a number of instruments and farms several hundred acres. He sings and the Piano Accordion is his main instrument when performing alone. He is also somewhat of a comedian and the older people really appreciate his stories. He also played an old Button Accordion and told of learning to play it with lessons through a telephone call.
I enjoy the Piano Accordion but when it comes to playing Polkas, nothing beats the Button one. I included the little organ on the upper picture since we donated it to the Senior Center some years ago. We bought it while back in Virginia. Our Son Jon played it and during his Senior Year in High School, with the other kids in college,  he and I spent many evenings singing along with his playing. Leo brought his wife and family along and introduced them to the audience when they got back from shopping. It was a good evening with a half-inch rain.

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