Monday, August 1, 2016

A Great Day

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse was is Seward this morning for a Town Hall meeting at the Civic Center Auditorium. The Harvard PhD is a native Nebraskan with experience in Washington D. C. at the Department of Health and Human Services during the Bush Administration. He served as President of Midland College at Fremont, NE prior to his election to the Senate. This was my first opportunity to see him, and I  was very favorably impressed. He received some publicity during the past few months for his reluctance to support any of the Republican Candidates for President. One of the attendees at this mornings meeting challenged him on his position of not supporting the Party's Nominee, and he made it clear that he was more concerned with working on the Country's problems than supporting any candidate. He holds a very important national security committee position in the Senate and recently returned from Afghanistan. He is using the Congressional Recess to learn of problems that constituents may have with federal agencies. His staff made note of problems with VA, USDA and other agencies that were brought to his attention. I consider him a very intelligent, non-professional politician.
Several of us left the Town Hall Meeting to walk to the Kiwanis meeting also held in the Civic Center. The program was presented by Dr. Van who showed beautiful pictures from a tour to Tanzania. He told of the tour company returning a good share of their profits to help with the conservation of the wildlife and to improve the lives of the natives.  A group of Kiwanians went directly down to the the Flag Project to install the little memory codes on each pole. A smart phone can read the code and get a story and picture on each of the flags. Marv has provided leadership on the flag project from the beginning, and Ken has headed up the "code" project after also being involved throughout. Being with a devoted group of Kiwanians after  hearing an impressive young Senator helps morale overcome much of the days depressing News.

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