Sunday, July 31, 2016

Keep Your Dauber Up

A Facebook friend put the attached item on this afternoon which struck home. We had 0.30” of rain this morning and the wind broke off the top 3’ of the tomato plant that I pictured yesterday.  Church this morning was an uninspiring service. Plans for next summer’s family reunion has presented considerable challenges. And, the Royals lost all 4 games of their series against the Rangers. After the last out, the expression “Keep Your Dauber Up” came to mind. It was something my boss would tell me back in our early days in Washington. I hadn’t thought about it for years and have always tried to maintain an optimistic outlook. I did some research and found that it can be traced back to Artist who used a brush called a “dauber” and if not held up, would drop the paint causing a problem. The expression has been interpreted as referring to “morale” or “spirit”. 
However, my spirits were brightened considerably when Elaine fixed a supper of “Frosty Flakes” with fruit and Apricots for dessert. We also got an eMail from Janice with further progress on our reunion. We enjoyed watching Jimmy Walker win the PGA championship with Jason Day in it to the end. There is no measure of what Elaine and I do for each other in “keeping our daubers up”. The time that Great-Grandson Jack spends with us is also a big help as is any family contact. Jack has never known us any way other than how we now are. In reality, most people accept us as we “now are”; it’s ourselves that sometimes have a problem with our “dauber”.

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