Friday, July 8, 2016

Blessings of Living in Seward

We got up to Carolyn and Ben's this morning for a tour of the backyard garden. Jack was there also spending some time with Grandma. Their backyard garden is an example of how much can be grown in a limited amount of space. It wouldn't take much for Carolyn to qualify for being a Master Gardener. Ben is also involved in building anything needed to support her passion. It is an excellent opportunity for Sadie and Jack to learn so many things while they are at "Grandma's house". Their composting operation is interesting, too, and now have a volunteer tomato plant growing in one of the bins. 
Today is also Elaine's sister Joyce's 97th birthday. We got up to Ridgewood this afternoon where Elaine spent some time with her.  She was just awake from a nap and wanted to know about the family.  I spent some time in the care center's snack-lodge area while Elaine visited with Joyce. I read about the Vetter's and their commitment to providing high quality care for residents in their facilities. I was very impressed by an elderly lady's ability to control her wheel chair with a "Joy stick". It was capable of turning 360 degrees on the spot. The lady seemed to enjoy it. The quality of care has certainly advanced during the past few years.

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