Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Post 4th of July in Seward

Jon, Mary and Anna left for home this afternoon. They drove their rental car back to Omaha and flew to Dulles airport from there. The picture looks a bit foggy since the camera was inside the house until going out in the heat and humidity where the lens fogged over. We enjoyed their visit here. I always learn a few things about computers when Jon is around. Seward appeared to return to normal as I went downtown for coffee.  The estimated crowd in town yesterday is 43,000. The whole town was in a cloud of smoke last night with all the fireworks. It wasn't only the City Display but the competition which seemed to exist in every neighborhood. I certainly feel for anyone, physically or mentally affected by the extremely loud noise. Elaine feels strongly that she has lived with Tinnitus since a large, illegal firecracker exploded in our neighborhood several years ago. I question whether our current City Ordinances are being enforced very aggressively. While on the City Counsel, I attempted to further restrict fireworks but had very little support. There must be a better way to celebrate our Independence and Democracy than igniting dangerous fireworks.

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  1. A good time was had by one and all from the East visiting the Vrana family. BTW - already have two gigs for next year - music at the Classic Car Show and music for a Czech wedding!!