Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Full Day of Activity

Jack spent some time with us this morning and rode his rocking horse while insisting that Elaine rock in the rocking chair. He also fed me some of the chocolate chip cookie that he had found in the kitchen. I was also on the phone trying to get reservations at Mahoney State Park for a Family Reunion being planned for July of 2017. Janice has done the "heavy lifting" in planning the reunion and has now picked up the task of getting reservations for the whole family. She has no idea how much we appreciate her doing this after considerable frustration and stress of our trying to do it. We also did "Home Delivered Meals" today and after completing the task, took part in the Senior Center Potato Bake. I didn't hear a count but believe they must have served most of the 200 potatoes that Merle told of washing yesterday. Our table conversation included the need for rain but the amazement of how well the corn and beans look out in the countryside. While we have been short of rain, we have had very high humidity which has helped the crops. Farmers also do a better job of conserving moisture through reduced tillage and residue management. Much of the corn and soybeans in Seward County is irrigated by water drawn from the Ogallala Aquifer. The current issue of the National Geographic magazine that has an article on the rapidly depleting Ogallala Aquifer in the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Nebraska is so fortunate in that our portion of the Aquifer is being recharged from the Sandhills Grasslands and the waters of the Platte River.

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