Saturday, July 30, 2016

Quiet Day at Home

The Tomato plant in our backyard has reached the sofit under the roof overhang, butt has yet to produce any fruit. We have traditionally had a climbing Black-eyed Susan climbing against the trellis but with the loss of sunshine on our "tomato area" we tried this set-up. We also have a Tomato plant growing in the front of the house which does have a green tomato set-on. Our back yard and deck area are all covered with shade from trees which we have planted over the years. We enjoyed some relaxing time out on the deck this afternoon with the temperature at 80 degrees and a light south breeze blowing. This was after I had used the hedge trimmers to clean up some of the volunteer growth that had come up under the trees and shrubs out near our composting area. 
After setting on the deck for a while, we came back into the house. I reflected on my late brother-in-law Eddy, who would say, "It's 5:00pm somewhere" as I brought out a couple Windsor's. We sat the camera on the coffee table and recorded this happy occasion. In addition to my work in the back yard, my "mission" for the day was to trim the Barberry hedge in the front of our house. I try to do something outdoors every day for exercise as much as for regular maintenance. Our next task will be digging Iris bulbs that have been taken over by grass and trees in the back yard. We will replant the bulbs in an area on the north side of our driveway up near the garage. It just doesn't take very much to make an old man happy and keep him busy.

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