Friday, July 1, 2016

Interesting Afternoon & Evening

Elaine and I got Jon, Mary and Anna over to the Nebraska National Guard Museum this afternoon. They are having a USO show tomorrow evening and a big dedication event on the 4th. This helicopter in the parking area, is new to the Museum. Col. Jerry Meyer has provided  excellent leadership in bringing in a Curtiss Pusher aircraft that hangs above the Cattle reception area; the Captain Erle Smiley display; and, an Airborne and Firefighter exhibit in the Learning Center. We were able to see an introductory movie of Seward and the Museum that was filmed with drones. It was shown in the Jones National Bank and Trust Co. Theater.  
We went up to Bee this evening for fish dinners at Lou and MaryAnn's. Our waitress was one of their Granddaughters who demonstrated her skill and ability by carrying 8 plates of fish dinners to serve an adjacent table. We drove around Bee a bit afterwards, and I told of having delivered Kolterman 10cent store fliers, along with my sister, to every house in Bee and Garland. Fred Kolterman "hired" us to do that when we were pre-teen's, saying he would rather pay us than the cost of postage. I'm sure he knew where we would spend every penney he paid us.

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  1. The Nebraska National Guard Museum, located in Seward, Nebraska, is definitely worth taking a trip off the highway to see. It is still under development, but is worth the trip. Come to see the museum's dedication on July 4th, 2016.