Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gardening after a Rain

We were down to Walmart yesterday and bought some "end of season" bargain Petunias. The Dianthus in this plot at the base of the birches bloomed beautifully earlier but shut down during our hot weather. It seemed like a good place to plug in some of the new plants. We put the bulk of them on the west side of the house where Verlon had spread some compost when he was here recently. It was where we took out a large Pfitzer a year ago. We also put a couple of them in front of the house near the Black Kettle.
 We have a tomato plant at that site with one  beginning to turn color.
 When Jack saw it this morning, he said "Ball". That word is one of the first in his expanding vocabulary. Our Clematis at the front entry are past their peak but sill have beautiful purple color. The 1.75" of rain received during last night helped to make our planting more enjoyable.  We are tending more toward perennials as we reach further heights of maturity. We believe this to be a "Black Eyed Susan". We have had the vining variety in the past but believe we planted this one a year ago.

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