Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meet and Greet

We participated in one of the Seward Methodist Church "Meet and Greet" session last night at Virginia's house. Several such events are being held throughout the congregation as a way of welcoming Rev. Robert and establishing closer relationships. There were 15 of us who each had an opportunity to introduce ourselves, tell of our "background", family and relationship with the Church. Rev. Robert was first and told of his life story that involved being born in California and living in several states on his journey to being called into the ministry. It was interesting to learn more about each of the participants as we went around the room. 
 We have know some of these people for many years and yet we learned new things about them. Very few had been Methodist all their lives including the Pastor. Elaine and I were among the few who actually "grew up" in the Seward Community. While having lunch, we filled out forms with information to help further guide the Pastor in learning more about the congregation and people's interest. I put in a "pitch" for the importance of Virginia playing the organ for Sunday morning services. In my opinion, organ music provides a link back to the more formal Church services that many of us appreciate. Just hearing the organ music as you walk into church establishes a climate of worship, respect and dignity in my mind.

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