Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lunch with Don and Gladys

Elaine and I met Gladys and Don for lunch this noon at Jimmy's Egg at 6440 "O" St. in Lincoln. It is a relatively new place specializing in a "breakfast type" menu near the southeastern corner of the Gateway Shopping Area. Elaine had a BLT and I had Blueberry pancakes with bacon and sausage patty. Our lunches are always more about visiting than about food and today was no exception. We went all the way from old neighbors out at the farm where we grew up, to family news, and looking ahead to the family reunion at Mahoney Park in 2017. We covered health issues and all of us felt fortunate to have reached the Senior status in our good condition. Facebook has been a big help in keeping up with the activities of all of our family. We especially enjoyed the pictures from the Sorge and Vercilleno family trip to Alaska. They invited us down to Syracuse some time this summer where we could have lunch, Don and I play golf, and the ladies spend some time at the Thrift Shop where Gladys volunteers. We may just have to do that.

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