Saturday, July 2, 2016

Garland HS Alumni Pluggers

Our Garland High School Alumni Reunion was held two weeks ago with 41 alumni and 23 guests . The 50-year graduates were honored along with others. The 50-year group were the last students to graduate from our small High School. We have always combined all graduates for the reunion since individual classes probably averaged about 8-10 members. The first class to graduate from the 12th grade was in 1923 and the last was in 1966. The "event" has been called an "Alumni Banquet" for several years but at one time it did include dancing. It has been a catered, evening meal in the Legion Hall for some time and "Reunion" seems to be more appropriate than "Banquet". I thought it ironic in seeing the Plugger" this morning, that one of the major decisions made this year at the business meeting, was to have a "noon luncheon" next year. It may be appropriate to incorporate this cartoon in next years invitations.

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