Friday, July 15, 2016

Electric car Windows

I would venture that few would recognize what this picture represents. It is the "regulator" for the right-front window on our 2002 Buick Le Sabre and is the mechanism that raises and lowers the window. We came home from Lincoln yesterday,  unable to put the window back up after lowering it when we got back to the car after having had lunch with Don and Gladys.  We have had a similar problem earlier in the left-rear window; but at that time, Roger at R & H Body Shop was able to "lock the window in the closed" position when I found what it would cost to have it repaired. However, since this is a front window, we went ahead and paid the over $200.00 to have it replaced. The problem was the little white plastic pulley at the right end of the arm. A piece of the pulley had broken off and is shown just below the remaining part. Roger says this is not an unusual problem and often involves the plastic pulley. He referred to our extreme temperatures here which seems to cause the plastic to become brittle and break. It would appear that just the pulley should be able to be replaced but what do I know; that is not the case. We have complete confidence in Roger and if there was another alternative, he would have suggested it. I don't remember which was our first car with electric windows, but know we never had to replace one of the window cranks in the older ones.

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