Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dr. John Rudersdorf, MD

I had an appointment with Dr. John Rudersdorf at the Seward Specialty Clinic this morning as a follow up to my "shortness of breath" that has been evident over the past year or so. Dr Rudersdorf is a Pulmonary Specialist from the Bryan LGH Med Center in Lincoln who comes out to the Specialty Clinic regularly. We are so fortunate in having several such specialists who provide their services to our local community. I have been through a series of CT scans over the past several months which have been reviewed by Dr. Rudersdorf, and this morning he gave me an appointment for seeing him a full year from now. I will have another scan just before seeing him again to assess possible changes. I took that to be "Good News". He had earlier explained some of the things that show up on the scan what effect the amount of oxygen that our lungs are able to extract from the air we breath. I spent part of the afternoon writing up the process that I learned when son Jon was here over the 4th of July Holiday, for being able to print out the reports of medical data available on the Hospital and Clinic Portal. While this process is not real simple, it is certainly an example of how technology has strengthened our ability to better understand the condition of our health.

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