Friday, July 22, 2016

Donald Trump, etc

I watched a lot of the Republican Convention and all of Donald Trump's acceptance speech last night. It was the major topic of discussion at coffee this morning. Within our group, we have a range of opinion but also a lot of agreement. We all believe in law and order though some of us recognize that enforcement has occasionally been extreme. We all agree that our rapidly growing national debt is a major problem as is ISIS and terrorist in general. There is room for considerable discussion on NATO and NAFTA.  It is through these discussions that Trump's ideas are those of  a "developer" with an eye on the bottom line who can "push with a stick" to achieve a profit on a specific project.  The President on the other hand has a longer time frame, and broader perspective , in which to "push with a rope" his agenda.
There is no disagreement on the  respect of the Trump children. Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric were all outstanding in their presentations before the Convention. While their Dad has every right to be very proud of them, some credit certainly is due to their Mother. Ivana was from the Czech republic, a swimming athlete prior to her career as a 6'0" Model. Tiffany is the daughter of the Marla Maples marriage and Barron the son of Melenia, the current wife. I personally thought Ivanka was particularly outstanding and that some of the Czech genes shown through. My cousin Ted told of having met Donald and Ivana at a party in New York back in the 80's and being able to visit with her in Czech. Ted was more impressed with her than with Donald as I remember the story. He always enjoyed telling it at family reunions.

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