Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dressed Up

While we normally have 8:30 and 10:30 Sunday morning Church services, we had a combined service this morning that included "the passing of the mantle of leadership" from Rev. Dale Lambert to Rev. Robert Henre. It was followed by a Congregational Pot Luck Welcome Lunch for Rev. Robert and family. We didn't stay for lunch but came back home and took this "selfie". It is shown as an example of how people used to dress for Church, particularly for a special service.  I didn't see another man  in the congregation of over 200 wearing a coat. Even the two Preachers "passed the mantle..." in shirtsleeves. Our Church is air conditioned, in fact on our way out of the sanctuary, I heard a comment about the cold air. We all greive for the recent tragic events.  I realize there are a multitude of forces and factors that have led us to where "hate" has become a popular attitude. But, I can't help but wonder if our relaxed standards of dress plays a part in this change. I learned early in life that you not only dress appropriately for the occasion but that you do so out of  respect for those you are with and for your own self respect.  Even our Country Club had a dress code for golfers. Our son tells us that the 7th District Court of Appeals in Chicago has a dress code he and other attorney's must follow in presenting oral arguments before the Court. If "dressing up" helps our self respect, maybe it also shows more respect for "fellow beings", and we certainly need more of that.

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