Sunday, July 17, 2016

'47 Chevy 5-passenger Coupe

Our Seward 4th of July parade included a '47 Chevy, 5-passenger coupe like the one shown in this picture. The one in the parade had been lowered, painted a gold color and was "sportized". It brought back the memory of one we had as a 2nd car back in the late '50's. We only had it for a couple years until I damaged a bearing in the drive train pulling a trailer load of sand for a sandpile at our new home in Lincoln. When I found that it would cost more to fix it than what I had paid for the car, I took it to the Singer Bros. Auto Salvage and sold it to them. 
We replaced it with a '53 Chevy,  2-door Coach at a surplus, sealed bid sale. It was a great 2nd car, and I never thought much about the little coupe over the years, until seeing the one in the parade. My first thought was to find a picture of it since we were taking a lot of them of our four little kids. I did find one of Tim and Carolyn standing by our old iron butcher kettle filled with flowers, and the car parked on the street in the background. However, the kids blocked out a good portion of the car.The best we could find is this picture with the very front of the car showing in the bottom right corner. The only reason an old man would spend as much time looking for a picture that apparently doesn't exist, is pure "stubborness" and the fact that I didn't have anything else that demanded my attention.

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