Sunday, July 24, 2016

Neighbor Larry

We are pleased to have had Larry as a next-door neighbor for over 15 years. He lives alone and works at Walmart after his computer related job was transferred out of the country several years ago. He does a good job taking care of his place and is a good neighbor. He was out this afternoon doing some yard work and pruned an old rose bush that is near our property line. We have had many neighbors over the years and have had a full range of relationships with them. In our current status and with our mid-town location, you appreciate neighbors who take care of their property, know that you can call on them in time of need, watch out for your property when you are out of town,  and don't bother you on a daily basis. It was a good day for doing some yard work since we had a high temperature of 89 late this afternoon. We are certainly in need of rain as is evident by our lawn on which Larry is standing. We have only used our lawn sprinklers twice this summer  so the blue grass is in a "holding status" ahead of going dormant. It appears that we may get some rain during the coming week with temperatures forecast to be at least 10 degrees cooler than what we lived through last week.

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