Monday, July 25, 2016

Text Box Codes

Josh has provided excellent leadership to the Kiwanis Club of Seward during his year as President.  I am not aware of whether he meets the criteria for being a "Distinguished President" but he certainly has done an outstanding job. He was able to fill the void when our scheduled speaker was unable to be there this noon. Josh told of the Swim Party sponsored by our Club that treated some 650 kids and adults to a dip in the City Pool on one of the warmest nights of the summer. He told of other matters being discussed in the Board Meetings and of our continued participation in the International Kiwanis Eliminate project. He asked Marv to talk of our annual recruitment drive for bringing in new members before the beginning of the Kiwanis Year on October 1. 
Josh's involvement with the Seward School system provides a ready link to the Kiwanis Mission of working with children. An example is a project he presented today that involved Ken and others is putting text box codes on the lower area of each pole in the Kiwanis Parade of Flags. He demonstrated how the codes can be read with a smart phone and information provided right on the phone. This is another example of how technology is able to put information at our finger tips that a few years ago could only be found in an encyclopedia, and it was probably "out of date".

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