Thursday, August 11, 2016

A 97 degree Birthday.

I put this picture of Carolyn on Facebook this morning for her Birthday, with this message: "Would you believe that this little girl now has 2 Grandchildren to play with instead of this Barbie Doll". This was taken at our home in Lincoln ahead of our moving to Virginia later that summer. Carolyn would have been approaching her 9th birthday. She had a little red haired girlfriend her age that lived next door. They were best friends during the four years we lived in Lincoln and have had occasion to get together since coming back to Nebraska. I found a notation that this Barbie Doll was her first. I have no idea how many she may have had eventually. One of Carolyn's many traits is her ability to foster good friendships. That trait has been a blessing over the years and still is today. It has no doubt been of more value to her than the old "Vrana trait", that never allows you to passively accept something you don't agree with without speaking up to question it. While we have thoroughly enjoyed a close relationship with Carolyn over the years, we have more than ever appreciated she, Ben, and all of our Seward family as we grow older. 
Elaine and I did some geneological research this afternoon in an attempt to put together family relationships of some people who passed on during the 20th Century. Elaine has done a lot of work on my family but some connections are still difficult. As we worked in the living room on this rather tense project with the outside temperature in the high 90's, we noticed that it was even getting warm inside the house. I checked the thermostat which was set at 75 degrees and the temperature showed 80. I checked the vents and no air was moving. I went right to the phone and called H & S Plumbing at 4:40. The receptionist said she would try to catch Tim before he got away. He was over within a few minutes. After checking  things in the basement, he went up in the attic where the fan is located and determined its motor was the problem. He went back to get one and installed it in the blower in the garage before taking it back up to the attic. Everything worked, and he was on his way before 6:00pm.

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