Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Framed Poster & Story

We watched Antique Road Show last night and saw a campaign poster for Theodore Roosevelt in his run to be elected President. It was in excellent shape and appraised very high. It reminded us of a Ronald Reagan poster that we received from a High School Classmate in California who was very active in Republican Party politics. We hosted a "Down on the Farm with Charley Thone" event at our farm during the summer of 1982 when the Governor was running for a second term against Robert Kerrey. We were in contact with "Rusty" who provided this poster to us which we framed, put under glass, and used  at the event as part of the "back drop" for speakers on our front porch. It is a large poster with the frame measuring 28 x 34 inches and has hung for many years in our lower level, storage area, partially obscured by coats, etc. I have no illusions as to its monetary value but it certainly brings back some mixed memories. The event at the farm was very successful, but it didn't get Gov. Thone re-elected and Bob Kerrey become Governor.
 While I was taking picture of framed items, I snapped this one of a story I wrote recently for the Seward Independent "Bridal Section". The folks at the paper were aware of our long marriage and thought its story might be something that young people contemplating marriage, would find interesting. The picture at the top is of our family that was taken at my 90th birthday celebration. The other one is our Wedding picture. I just hit the highlights of our similar backgrounds, our jobs,  children, moves, challenges, etc. The paper wrote the heading, "Hard work trumps trials and tribulation of marriage" which is a very fitting summary of our "story". I did write that "We always lived within our means". And, now that we are older, "We live within our capabilities." It's been a good ride.

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  1. If you don't find a home for the Ronald Reagan poster, I know Philip would treasure it!