Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Jack

Jack and Elaine were out on the Deck celebrating his 2nd Birthday when I got home from coffee this morning. He was dressed in a new shirt with trucks and tractors on it and knew that this was a special day. The weather added to the blessings of the day with 83 degree temperatures. He and Elaine had a ball and one of my Model JD tractors out for him to play with. Elaine has taught him that JD's go "pop, pop," so that is
the sound he makes when playing with it.He hasn't made the distinction between those old ones with only 2-cylinders and the more modern ones with more. I wanted to get a picture of him with his hair combed and even brought out the hair brush, but he didn't want anybody brushing his hair except him. There are some days when he isn't ready to leave when his ride comes, but this morning he was going to get to ride in Grandma Carolyn's Jeep which made it exciting. He is saying more words each day and beginning to put a couple of them together. Happy Birthday

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