Monday, October 24, 2016

Seward Elementary School Principal

 Jessica Dominy, Principal of Seward Elementary School, provided the program for our Kiwanis meeting this noon. Josh Fields, Seward HS Principal and immediate past-President of our Club, was there to help get things set-up, and Dr. Greg Barns school Superintendent, was in the audience as a long time member. The refreshing message that Jessica brought to the attendees was like an antidote to the fear mongering that occupies the media today. I couldn't help but compare the individualized education that young people get today with that of even not too many years ago. The small groups made up of students from grades 1-4 is an interesting concept. The after-school programs appear to be very popular. I was pleased to hear of continued interest in teaching cursive writing. The Olympic theme for the school year provides a platform for many exciting activities. I can only imagine the “big eyes” that the youngsters must have when Concordia Football players visit their rooms. Jessica very effectively demonstrated her leadership ability for working with teachers in providing quality education to our children. Our Seward School Systems is a significant factor among the many that attract people to move to our community.

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