Monday, October 31, 2016

Mission in Kenya, Africa

Greg Hershberger and his wife Cathy, presented the program at today's Kiwanis meeting. They have returned from their 3rd mission trip to Kenya, Africa, with a Methodist Mission. It is difficult to comprehend the living conditions of people living in such developing areas. He told of seeing water being bailed out of a pond where livestock had trampled, to be used as drinking water. One of the mission project is helping the installation of "above the ground" cisterns which catch rooftop rain runoff and filter it for drinking water. He showed pictures of dirt floored school rooms with all the students dressed in mandatory uniforms. They have taken sewing machines and material to them and taught sewing. Gardens have been promoted for growing food products.
And have promoted dairy goats, ducks and other foul for nourishing food. The female goat offsprings are passed on to others in a manner similar to the "Heifer Project".  He told of seeing young people sniffing glue to alleviate hunger pains. It is difficult to imagine how a race of people have been able to survive through the years living under such conditions. While the work of Missions is certainly  commendable, one has to wonder what led such people away from their native customs that must have had some degree of sustainability. Our Club President, Al Schmidt, is shown with Marlin Pozehl presenting the Hershbergers with a box of Crosses from the Cross Makers of Seward for their Mission.

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