Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sadie and Others

Our Great-Granddaughter Sadie was shown in today's Seward Independent along with others as they reported on the Rotary Club Halloween costume contest held recently at the Bandshell. Sadie went as a Butterfly and Olivia, shown with her, as Big Hero 6's Honey Lemon. Sadie received 1st prize in the class of 4-year-olds. Sadie's brother Jack, competing as "under 2" class (his birthday was the next day), tied for 2nd place. He was dressed as a Lumber Jack, complete with facial makeup and a paper axe. The first prize winners from each of the 11 classes competed for the Grand Prize Trophy which was won by Molly, who appeared as Mary Poppins. Molly had won 1st prize in the class of 8-year-olds. She was not only dressed very authentically but carried the umbrella, suitcase and broke into song at the slightest hint from the MC. Her rendition of the Mary Poppins song, "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" was a real "crowd-pleaser". The weather was ideal for such an outdoor event, and everyone was a winner including proud Great-Grandparents.

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