Sunday, November 20, 2016

Easy Decisions

We have been members of AAA during all our years of retirement and have utilized their booklets and maps for most all of our travels. I have saved the books over the years and used them in writing stories of our travels. After having been to Church this morning, moving the last of my short sleeve shirts to a spare closet for winter storage, I decided to "get rid of" most of the Tour Books. While we have a lot of "stuff" that we "hang on to" because it helps us define who we are and brings back happy memories, there is little "redeeming value" in the shelf full of these old books. I believe the Recycle Center will accept them  but they are on their way out. On the same bookcase is a couple shelves of VCR tapes that date back to the '90's.. I pulled out one from the fall of '96 that included Julie's school activities in band, chorus, class play and even a shot of she and John, siting next to each other,  playing in the Pep Band. It was that fall that "Jack", Carolyn's little poodle, became a part of the family. We hadn't looked at any of these tapes for years and were pleased at the quality which has been retained. We still have 2 TV's with VCR playing capability but want to see about getting, at least selected ones, converted to DVD disk or Flash Drives. They are much more important to keep than old Tour Books.

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