Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Great Day of Food and Thanksgiving

What could be more traditional than Ben carving the turkey for our Thanksgiving Dinner out at John and Julie's. Elaine baked a couple Pumpkin Pies, Carolyn made her "pink stuff" as well as a Pumpkin treat and other things. The picture of my filled plate doesn't even show the Pecan Pie nor the slice of Cheese Cake that topped off the meal. One of my most enjoyable activities was reading a story book to Sadie about a Meteorite crashing into a family's backyard. Sadie was most attentive and appreciative. I promised to show her a sliced geode that we have among our stuff in the lower level.
We watched part of the Macy,s  Thanksgiving parade while eating breakfast and saw more of it on another channel later this afternoon, after getting up from our naps. The climax of the parade with the singing of 90- year old Tony Bennett as Santa Claus appeared in the parade. Elaine fixed Chicken Noodle soup for supper and  in addition, had a chicken leg for me. As my Dad might have said, "It was an ample sufficiency". I will add the activities of this Thanksgiving to my lengthy list of Thanksgivings Past.


  1. Tell me what are the two things at the top of the page?

  2. I made those, Aunt Janie--an experiment this year! I mixed cornbread, sausage, cheese, seasonings, then stuffed the mixture into hollowed out pie pumpkins, poured in heavy cream, and baked at 350 for about 90 minutes. Pretty good!