Sunday, November 27, 2016

No Sour Grapes, Just Feelings

I came across this picture of Verlon and Tim taken up at our "little house" on East Bradford street here in Seward,  back in 1954. I hadn't seen the picture for some time but it reminded me of how happy we and the boys were, with what we had done to improve our house and yard. As I noted in my recent November 17th blog page, the current owner is constructing 3 off-street parking spaces in this front yard, which changes the complexion of the property considerably. Bradford street was graveled at the time we lived there and now it is paved. I don't recall even mentioning it to the City Hall that we were planning to build a wall to facilitate our horizontal parking along the street; we just did it.  I don't know the present owner, but have read of their going through the processes of getting City approval for their construction. My personal feelings of this are similar to hearing a favorite old song being "butchered" by a new version. We only lived there for some 6 years, but it was during some of our most happy, enduring memories. Verlon was about 6 months old when we moved in; Tim, Carolyn and Jon were all born during those few years.  I can only trust that the current owners, making the changes, will have as much happiness there as we found and enjoyed. 

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