Friday, November 18, 2016

Pictures from April 2016

After a beautiful fall, including a record breaking 80 degree high temperature on November 16, we had a cold, windy, 43 degree high today. There was snow in the area a few miles to the north and west, but only a few flurries here. The high wind basically "cleaned off" the leaves of our Red Oak. It seemed like a good afternoon to start the process of choosing the pictures to be included in the collages from among all of the ones saved throughout the year. Here are 4 that I'm using here from the Month of April. This is the Marxhausen home that was demolished soon after the picture was taken. The neighborhood has lots of memories since it is next door to where Elaine and I lived when we were first married. We borrowed a truck and hauled brush to the City Burnpile as part of our spring yard cleanup.
Jack visited us frequently throughout the year and we enjoyed every visit. He even had his Mother and Grandmother with him at our house, once in a while. Jack shows up on a good percentage of our 2016 pictures as a result of his visits. And, we do get a number of Sadie as well. Working with the pictures taken throughout the year provides considerable pleasure in reliving memories and also creates a record that will be available for the future.

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