Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Little House- Then and Now

This is a follow-up on my post of 11/27/16 (No sour grapes) where I told of the changes that are being made to our first home. We drove up this evening to check progress. This is partially for the benefit of our oldest son who had seen the recent post back in Virginia. He was old enough while we lived there to remember it very affectionately. We had an interesting telephone conversation about it last night. This metal building in the back yard was added to the property some years ago, long after we left.
While we wondered about the feasibility of the project, we agreed to not be critical without knowing the reason or facts involved. This picture of Verlon, Tim and Carolyn was probably taken during the early spring before we moved to a large house on 5th street here in Seward. We  built the fence with plaster lath salvaged from an old farm house being demolished, to enclose the back yard, . We moved the fence to the back yard of the larger home we moved to and installed it there. We sold this property to Elaine's parents who lived in the neighborhood. They enjoyed it for several years as a rental property. It was eventually sold at Auction, on their Estate Sale. In addition to it also being the first house my parents lived in after getting married; Elaine had an Aunt and Uncle who lived there for some time. The house was built for a family that lost their home in the 1913 tornado. Our interest in the properties changes, is piqued by all this family history.

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