Friday, December 2, 2016

Chances "R" & Sunsets

Here are several members of the Seward Magazine Club that enjoyed  a Holiday Dinner last evening in York at the "Chances R" restaurant. The food was excellent and the ambiance is top notch. I didn't have to drive so had a "front row" seat to enjoy an outstanding sunset as we traveled to the west. The solid dark cloud in the northern portion of the "sunset picture" added to the grandeur of the event. It brought back memories of a trip from Garland to Beaver Crossing for a January basketball game when I was a freshman in High School. Miss Figard drove her new Ford and took Miss Rozicky along with some of us not on the team. The Highway west of Seward was still a graveled road at the time.
We boys in the back seat carried on a lively conversation  and about the time we were ready to turn south to Beaver Crossing, someone asked Miss Rozicky why she had been so quiet. She replied that she had just been enjoying the beautiful sunset. The farmstead where I grew up was in a valley with dense trees to the west, and that was the first time that I had ever heard anyone mention "enjoying a sunset". This story has little to do with our Magazine Club Party last night but rather an example of the important things we learn from our teachers. I don't recall of learning anything academically from her but am forever grateful for stimulating my interest in Sunsets.

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