Friday, December 9, 2016

Listing the Years Highlights

Elaine and I spent some time today working on our list of 2016 Highlights. For many years we have gone back through my Diary's (Journals) to pick up what we consider "Highlights". The criteria for listing has changed somewhat over the years, but basically it is an event, occurrence, activity, etc. that we may want to check out in more detail at a later date. Our listing includes the Month, Date and a few words to identify the "event". The average Month will have from 15-20 days with listings. The 3-ring binder which contains many years of listings is used frequently to find information on "what happened, when".  The highlights serve as an index to my Diaries and Journals which are all handwritten. With current technology, the information could be scanned, entered into a data file and searched to find the details we are able to reach by our manual process. My hand writing is not as good as it once was and at times, I think about setting up a system to just type my "Daily Journal" in a Document using Word. My ability to type has not declined to the extent of my handwriting but will continue to write in cursive, even if it may not be recognized by future readers.

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