Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vivian and Brother Buddy

Today, the 28th of December was the birthday of my sister Vivian who didn't wake up one morning 8 years ago. There were only 18 months difference in our ages and she did a lot of "looking after me" during our childhood. In some ways it never ceased as we looked after each other to some degree until she passed away. This first picture was taken next to our wash house here in Seward. Vivian would have been going on 3. The picture to the right is a "Studio" picture taken a bit ahead of the first one. Mother said I was tied in the chair to keep me there.
We were about 3 and 4 when the next pictures were taken at Uncle Bert and Aunt Tillie Walker's house on west Seward Street. Our Great Grandchildren Sadie and Jack Owens remind us so much of Vivian and I as kids. Sadie is now 4 and Jack has had his 2nd birthday a couple months ago. They seem to get along just like we did. Sadie leads the way and Jack is quick to follow. I don't have a picture of them together such as these but will have to get one. It would be neat to have a photographer "stage" one similar to the studio picture of Vivian and I. 

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