Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

The weather forecast yesterday motivated me to get some Christmas lights down out of the attic and draped them over the railing and clematis wire on our front porch. We did add to it today with a couple big red bows. This is the first year of our not putting the white "ice sickle" lights at the eve level in the front of the house. It required using the ladder to put them up, and we are reluctant to climb a ladder at our age. The Rotary Club here in Seward sponsors an Outdoor Christmas Lighting contest so many houses have outstanding displays. Some are even decorated commercially which is necessary on large houses. Elaine got the nativity scene up on the hall table.
 We also got the little Christmas Tree set up that we have had for several years. We don't even take the lights off but wrap it gently in a sheet and store it during the "off season". It too is a far cry from the live trees that we've had in the past when our kids were small. One year I actually dug a 5 foot Blue Spruce from a farmers windbreak. He needed to get rid of it; so I bought it, "balled and burlapped" it, had it in the house over the Holidays, and then planted it in the front yard of our little house. It grew to be a very nice tree but took up a lot of space on the small front yard and was removed. We are enjoying all our sparking lights on this cold evening while listening to music on net.


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